Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

blooming flowers in 3D

Just finished a 3D macro shooting with flowers in time lapse.
Amazing effect! Unfortunately I´ve only got this anaglyph outtake here, but the video is really stunning.
The 3D gets stronger as the lily opens up.

Samstag, 6. November 2010

Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

das Buch ist fertig


Nach 3 Jahren harter Arbeit und völliger Entbehrung von Freizeit ist es endlich vollbracht.
Mein Buch ist nun endgültig fertig und alle Dateien sind beim Verlag.

Und man kann es nun sogar kaufen.

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Ultra Hi Vision

Japanese NHK showed their fabulous Ultra High Definition TV at IBC in Amsterdam.
So I could try out that amazing camera (7680 x 4320 pixels resolution) after the show.

Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Shooting underwater in the Baltic Sea

For the OZEANEUM (german oceanographic museum) as well as for other projects I was long term filming marine life in the Baltic Sea, in 2D and 3D.

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

pirates game in 180 degrees 3D

Imagine an ego shooter in 3D. Fine. Now imagine its not just happening on your computer display. Much better - you are on an entire ship equipped with lots of cannons hunting pirates on the sea.
Yes. That is what we have done. 3D SFX expert Chris Keller created a whole CGI environment from the scratch for this interactive pirate game. I was in charge of the stereoscopic panorama projection and alignment.

Up to five player can now fight against pirates and sea monsters, firing cannons which are electronically connected to the game.
Even a steering wheel is in the wooden shipdeck room and one of the players will become helmsman.
This is really fun, especially as there is water, wind and lightning effects combined with an impressive sound installation.

To achieve a realistic feeling I combined three stereoscopic projections in panoramic alignment. Thus, you get an extremely wide field of view.
The awesome 5D pirates game is finished after two years work and now its installed on several locations along the german coastline.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Absolventenpreis erhalten

Die Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft, kurz FKTG vergibt einmal alle zwei Jahre einen Preis für hervorragende Abschlussarbeiten an deutschen Hochschulen. In Hamburg wurde mir der Preis während der Fachtagung der FKTG für meine Arbeit über Stereo 3D verliehen.

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

the stereo window

I took this image in order to show what the stereo window really is.
The girl Sissi is the daughter of very good chinese friends of mine.
Sissi is actually standing behind the screen plane while holding a football in front of the screen.
She seems to reach the ball through that window towards us.
Now, that "window" becomes feasible through the frame. Here it lays on the screen plane.

Montag, 3. Mai 2010

Trailer von "Dat Wichtigste..."

"Dat Wichtigste..." lief mittlerweile auf einigen Festivals und mehrfach in den dritten Sendern der ARD (z.B. mdr, 3sat). Ich war bei diesem Kurzspielfilm nicht nur der Kameramann sondern auch Produzent. Regie führte Thorsten Wenning.

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

Swiss Rig

For a few days I went to Switzerland and gave Robert of imartis AG a visit.
He is the main developer of famous Swiss Rig and I had the chance to chat with him for quite a time.
The image shows one of the first new generation rigs, ready to be tried out.