Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Worlds most important S3D Rigs

These days dozens of stereoscopic 3D rigs are available on the market - more or less commercialized. Now here is a website comparing all of todays leading 3D rigs. It shows all the different side-by-side rigs as well as mirror rigs.

Find out about the 3d rig manufacturers and the brand names of their rigs. The lineups are constantly changed, and therefore this overview is  kept up to date.

Currently the most important manufacturers are 21st Century 3D, 3ality Technica 3D, 3D Film Factory, Binocle 3D, KronoMav, PACE HD, P+S Technik, RedRock, Screen Plane, Stereo 3D TANGO, Stereotec and SwissRig. These are the actual manufacturers of worlds most used stereoscopic rigs.


Montag, 2. April 2012

New: tiny mirror rig by P+S Technik

The new PS-Micro Rig designed by P+S TECHNIK will be introduced this April at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, at the P+S TECHNIK booth. Designed for camera movements - ´Stereo In Motion’ – the PS-Micro Rig is ultra compact and very versatile. It offers all features of a standard professional 3D rig and goes beyond.

With the new PS-Freestyle Rig P+S TECHNIK has set a marker for compact 3D rigs. Now, the PS-Micro goes beyond that. With its flyweight of 4kg the new PS-Micro Rig is the smallest and most lightweight mirror rig on the market. It is compatible with any kind of micro camera like the SI-2K or the SinaCam. It enables the capture of professional stereo 3D motion and is optimized for close ups. The PS-Micro can be used remote controlled or completely manual. Ideal for every shoulder, crane or tripod, it is also balanced for Steadicam use and is compatible with a wide range of accessories from P+S TECHNIK and other third party manufacturers.

Thanks to all these features and more, P+S TECHNIK offers the most compact rig with the shortest setup time for a very attractive price. Compatible cameras are SI-2K, Cunima MCU, LMP 1200, SINA-Cam, Videor Modular, Iconix RH1, Micro2 HD, Sony PMW 10MD, IndiePOV, Canon 7D, Toshiba C-Mount cameras and many more...