Montag, 2. April 2012

New: tiny mirror rig by P+S Technik

The new PS-Micro Rig designed by P+S TECHNIK will be introduced this April at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, at the P+S TECHNIK booth. Designed for camera movements - ´Stereo In Motion’ – the PS-Micro Rig is ultra compact and very versatile. It offers all features of a standard professional 3D rig and goes beyond.

With the new PS-Freestyle Rig P+S TECHNIK has set a marker for compact 3D rigs. Now, the PS-Micro goes beyond that. With its flyweight of 4kg the new PS-Micro Rig is the smallest and most lightweight mirror rig on the market. It is compatible with any kind of micro camera like the SI-2K or the SinaCam. It enables the capture of professional stereo 3D motion and is optimized for close ups. The PS-Micro can be used remote controlled or completely manual. Ideal for every shoulder, crane or tripod, it is also balanced for Steadicam use and is compatible with a wide range of accessories from P+S TECHNIK and other third party manufacturers.

Thanks to all these features and more, P+S TECHNIK offers the most compact rig with the shortest setup time for a very attractive price. Compatible cameras are SI-2K, Cunima MCU, LMP 1200, SINA-Cam, Videor Modular, Iconix RH1, Micro2 HD, Sony PMW 10MD, IndiePOV, Canon 7D, Toshiba C-Mount cameras and many more...