Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Ocean 3D now to be seen on Germanys 3D TV Channel

english version follows...

Seit wenigen Monaten ist der neue 3D Fernsehkanal der Deutschen Telekom auf Sendung. Neben Sport werden auch Filme und Dokumentationen gezeigt. Alles in 3D. Einer der ersten 3D Filme des Senders ist "Ocean 3D", eine 20minütige Unterwasser-doku mit Korallen und verschiedenen Fischen, versunkenen Schiffen und Forschungstauchern.

Die Aufnahmen dazu habe ich in den vergangenen Jahren unter anderem in Ägypten, Thailand und Malta gemacht. Gefilmt haben wir mit viel Aufwand und einer ganz speziellen 3D - HD Unterwasserkamera. Das erste Resultat ist Ocean 3D. Der Film ist super zum Entspannen und relaxen, aber eben nur mit 3D Fernseher und dem Entertain-Programm der Telekom :-)

Germanys leader in IPTV, the "Deutsche Telekom" has just started a new 3DTV Channel.
Telekom customers who subscribed to the IPTV platform "Entertain" can now watch the latest in 3D.
They can choose between a variety of 3d programs like sports, travel or documentation.

Now, I can proudly announce that they also show "Ocean 3D" , an awesome HD3D underwater docu. It was done by Pinkau Entertainment and it features stunning submarine life from any oceans in the world. The 3d footage was entirely taken by myself in the last couple of years for example in the Red Sea, South China Sea, Mediterranean Sea as well as the Andaman Sea.

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Breo - what the heck is that?

When we were in Beijing this month we stumbled upon a hmd stand or something.
HMD stands for head mounted display by the way. But I wasn´t sure in this case.
Because I couldn´t actually find out what these "Breo" things are really for, I definitely had to try that out.

Few moments later I could find myself on one of the chairs wearing a Breo.
But I didn´t see funny pictures at all, it was just a kind of head massage thing with no display inside.
And in fact it was rather painful, as the girl strapped it way to tight on my head.
After surviving these five toturous minutes I could hardly walk straight forward anymore to get away. Ouch.

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Sony headquarter in Tokyo

Now have been in Tokyo the first time of my life and of course I did´nt miss to give a visit to the Sony building.
I reckon that nearly 50 percent of all the new stuff they had to show us was about stereoscopic 3D.
On the image you can see us experimenting with the near distance of Sonys compact 3D camera.

In fact it is possible to get extremely close while maintaining the 3D vision.
That is due to the small stereo base af the little camera as well as our eyes following the toy´s movement towards the 3D camera.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

3D dictionary free download

The 3D dictionary English-German and German-English is now available.
It includes the entire terminology of todays professional stereoscopic 3D.
Get your free copy here.

Fachwörterbuch für Stereo 3D jetzt kostenlos zum Download
Die kompletten Übersetzungen aller Fachbegriffe Deutsch-Englisch und Englisch-Deutsch.
Alle modernen Begriffe und Bezeichnungen für Stereo-3D.
Hier kostenfrei runterladen.

Montag, 29. August 2011

submarine Baltic Sea

This is some underwater footage I have been taking over the last couple of years.
It was entirely shot at locations in the Baltic Sea.
Most of the footage is done both in 2D as well as in stereoscopic 3D.

Sonntag, 28. August 2011

new stereoscopic 3D Demoreel

PINKAU Entertainment just released their new 3D Showreel.
All the live action shots are taken by myself.
It is a great potpourri of sports, industry and nature as well as underwater, of course :-)

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

deep sea voyage at the Ozeaneum

A new exhibition at Germanys Oceanographic Museum is now open to the public.
The key feature of the exhibition is an incredible deep sea safari on several window like HD displays.
Visitors have to enter a submarine vehicle -styled room where they can participate on the simulated journey.
The vehicles "windows" point in three directions and even at the ceiling there is a window-display, so it is indeed an extremely immersive journey.

The film starts on the surface with images I have taken aboard "Seefuchs" on the Baltic Sea.
I have also done the shots of the seals, the schools of herring and the porpoise.

I had the honour to film the herring inside the Ozeaneums aqarium itself.
Only few people are allowed to do that.
During the shooting early in the morning when there where no visitors in the house,
I had to be extra careful not to touch the special glass in order to avoid scratches.
Also I had to be very careful to not distress the herring to much, as the aquarium is not that huge.

For the porpoises we had to travel farther all the way up to Danmark.
There is a porpoise center where I had a whole day to get some amazing underwater shots of these gorgeous animals.

Back in Stralsund/Germany I also filmed an original giant whale skeleton in the big aquarium of the Ozeaneum. These images can be seen in the underwater journey as well.

Most of the underwater shots I have also taken in stereoscopic 3D, even when the deep sea voyage is in panoramic 2D "only" :-)

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

21st Century 3D in New York

Today I met with Ivan at 21st Century 3D in New York.
I took the chance to check out there most up to date 3D mirror rig, the BX3.5
After a pretty interesting talk to Ivan, who is one of the main engineers, and trying out a few things,
I feel that the BX3.5 is a rig which gives very much value for that price.
It has been developed out of the experience of 3D production and therefore is pretty much practical to use.

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

article published in Digital Production magazine

Renowned german magazine Digital Production published my article "view into the depth" about stereoscopic cinema and 3DTV. Starting from page 50, issue May/June 2011.

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

High Def 3D underwater

Filming for a 3D underwater film planned to be in digital 3D cinemas by 2012.
Production company: Pinkau Entertaniment.
For the shooting I have been in Thailand (Andaman Sea) and the Red Sea in Egypt so far.
A special developed underwater housing makes it possible for me to shoot 2K cinema quality, achieving an amazing 3D effect.

Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

3D popcorn

For a 3D commercial we shot popcorn in ultra slow motion.
We aimed to shoot a single piece of popcorn full frame at the moment it explodes.
Not easy to achieve that goal, but we finally succeded.
It turned out that we need at least 12000 fps to really see the explosion of a single piece of pocorn.

Also the stereo base had to be quite small. It was essential to put the two heavy highspeed cameras on a very stable mirror rig. That way we were able to adjust any interaxial between zero and 60 millimeters.

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Ikegami 3D Kamera

Thats a premiere: I had the chance to put two Ikegami Editcams on the mirror rig.
This lucky circumstance took place thanks to a cooperation with Paul Stutenbäumer of ECC Berlin.

Paul is also professionally into Stereo-3D for quite a long time.

Paul and I both were excited to find how easy and well the Ikegami cameras can be aligned for 3D.

Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

3D Filming on Malta

Underwater film shooting around Malta and Gozo in the mediteranian sea. I used a special 3D underwater housing to film wrecks, caves and huge tunas.

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Shooting 3D music clip

We shot a music video of a young german band in 3D with literally no preparation time, using a special constructed lightweight 3D mirror rig, which I could used on my shoulder to move around flexible.