Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

deep sea voyage at the Ozeaneum

A new exhibition at Germanys Oceanographic Museum is now open to the public.
The key feature of the exhibition is an incredible deep sea safari on several window like HD displays.
Visitors have to enter a submarine vehicle -styled room where they can participate on the simulated journey.
The vehicles "windows" point in three directions and even at the ceiling there is a window-display, so it is indeed an extremely immersive journey.

The film starts on the surface with images I have taken aboard "Seefuchs" on the Baltic Sea.
I have also done the shots of the seals, the schools of herring and the porpoise.

I had the honour to film the herring inside the Ozeaneums aqarium itself.
Only few people are allowed to do that.
During the shooting early in the morning when there where no visitors in the house,
I had to be extra careful not to touch the special glass in order to avoid scratches.
Also I had to be very careful to not distress the herring to much, as the aquarium is not that huge.

For the porpoises we had to travel farther all the way up to Danmark.
There is a porpoise center where I had a whole day to get some amazing underwater shots of these gorgeous animals.

Back in Stralsund/Germany I also filmed an original giant whale skeleton in the big aquarium of the Ozeaneum. These images can be seen in the underwater journey as well.

Most of the underwater shots I have also taken in stereoscopic 3D, even when the deep sea voyage is in panoramic 2D "only" :-)